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For many years, Istiqlal employees and members of Muslim organizations were also deployed to secure the church area during Christmas and Easter.

“Even though we have different beliefs to Catholic followers at the cathedral, we have a strong relationship with them.

Over 67,000 people were affected, with 22 killed or missing. Floods, landslides and whirlwinds were the cause of 117 casualties and affected over 220,000 people in April and May.

(OCHA, ) Indonesia Humanitarian Response Content The Guidance Note on Recovery: Private Sector draws from the wider body of knowledge on private sector recovery and from documented experiences of past and present disaster planning and recovery e orts.

More recently, members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), escorted by the police, visited malls in Surabaya, East Java, demanding managements to follow an Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) fatwa to not ask Muslim employees to wear Christmas attributes.

The intolerant acts had somewhat gained ground following large-scale protests against Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama over his allegedly blasphemous remarks.

It was also the first time management of the church opted for Betawi-themed decorations.

Churchgoers were greeted with (giant Betawi effigies) and other ornaments of Betawi culture, a Jakarta native ethnic group strongly associated with the Islamic faith. Ignatius Suharyo, who led the Christmas Mass at the cathedral on Sunday, pointed out during a press conference that ethnicity, religion and racial sentiments had emerged and stirred unease among residents.

These experiences and lessons learned are classi ed into the following four major issues: Crisis communication is a vital part of disaster response that saves lives.

Our parking and security officers are also ready to help our brothers in the cathedral,” Istiqlal public relations officer Abu Hurairah told .

Several acts of intolerance emerged prior to Christmas, including in Bandung, West Java, where churchgoers under the Spiritual Awakening Service (KKR) community had to cancel their Christmas service earlier this month following protests from Islamic hard-line groups.

Christmas for all: Wearing a Santa costume, a prominent artist from Yogyakarta, Tejo Badut, stands among passers by in Malioboro, Yogyakarta, on Sunday.

He holds a sign written with a popular phrase "Om Telolet Om" (sir, honk your honk, sir), which has taken the Internet by storm.(JP/Tarko Sudiarno) Located just beside Indonesia’s largest mosque, Istiqlal, the two houses of worship continued their decades-long display of interfaith harmony by sharing parking lots during the Christmas service.

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Thousands of congregation members of Catholic Church Santa Perawan Maria Ratu Rosario Suci or the Semarang Cathedral in Central Java join the Christmas Eve service on the night of Dec. (JP/Suherdjoko) On Christmas Eve, National Police chief Gen.

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