Online dating enjoying a boom among boomers

Mutual, a radio network (absorbed by CNN Radio in 1999), never got its TV network up and running.

Ad Age produced a three-part series on Procter & Gamble. TV People Wonder Which Will Be TV's Capital." A year later, CBS opened CBS Television City, a TV studio in Los Angeles that operates to this day.

The agency operates today as Draft FCB, part of Interpublic Group of Cos. Ad Age published a weekly section called "Postwar Planning: How Business and Industry Are Preparing for a Peacetime World." Willys-Overland envisioned a burgeoning civilian market for its military jeeps. Walter Thompson (now JWT); Young & Rubicam (now Y&R); N. Ayer (absorbed by Kaplan Thaler Group in 2002); Foote, Cone & Belding (now Draft FCB); Mc Cann-Erickson.

Ad Age reported: "First Jeeps Go on Sale; Willys Sees Postwar Uses." Fiat-backed Chrysler owns the Jeep brand today. Ad Age published a 38-page report on "Television -- Infant Advertising Medium -- Where It Stands Today." At the time, just 2% of homes had a TV.

George Gallup joined Young & Rubicam as director of research, the start of his pioneering work in advertising research. Today: Mc Cann Erickson, part of Interpublic Group of Cos., ranks as the nation's second-largest agency.Gallup left Y&R in 1947 to focus on advertising research and political polling. RCA demonstrated television at the New York World's Fair, broadcasting President Franklin D. "Television is Here," said the headline on Ad Age's editorial. The magazine wrote: "Advertising will play a great part in the war effort -- in stimulating enlistments, in getting greater distribution of war bonds and savings stamps and in building and maintaining civilian morale."Formation of the War Advertising Council.Research and press coverage in the early 1950s were drawing a link between smoking and cancer.Reader's Digest's damning 1952 story: "Cancer by the Carton." Cigarette-industry response?

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The system would define how P&G managed competing brands as it came to dominate categories from detergent to shampoo. Mc Elroy later became P&G president and served as secretary of defense under President Eisenhower.

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