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Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Shell Bobbers" a shotgun shell converted into a fishing bobber (YES); "Wicked Good Cupcakes" mail-order cupcakes shipped in jars (YES); "Tremont Electric" a portable generator that uses kinetic energy to power small devices (NO); "The Mission Belt" a ratcheting belt (YES); Update on: Dance With Me (Episode 314)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Misto Box" artisan coffees from around the world delivered to your door (YES); "Squirrel Boss" a squirrel-proof bird feeder (NO); "The Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company" premium wooden kitchen products (NO); "Mee-Ma's Louisiana Gumbo Brick" a frozen gumbo base (YES); Update on: e Creamery (Episode 402)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Baby's Badass Burgers" a food truck company wanting to expand into a storefront (NO); "Track Days" a potential movie idea involving motorcycle racing (NO); "Ka ZAM" a non-pedal bike for helping children learn to ride (YES); "Pink Shutter Photobooths" party photobooths (YES); Update on: Spatty (Episode 405)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Jones Scones" traditional British scones (NO); "Lug Less" a luggage shipping and delivery service (NO); "Geek Chic" furniture for gamers (YES); "Stella Valle" military-inspired costume jewelry (YES); Update on: Scrub Daddy (Episode 407) Note: This episode was originally scheduled to air on April 19, 2013, but was pre-empted by ABC News coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Three Day Rule" an invite-only dating website (NO); "Ryan's Barkery" all-natural dog treats (YES); "Tom Chee" a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich restaurant (YES); "Verbalize It" a translator service (YES); Update on: Season 4 Recap Note: This episode concluded with a promotion for the Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb where one of the characters entered the tank to present a mock pitch to the sharks.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Wurkin Stiffs" magnetic collar-stays (YES); "Tippi Toes" a children's exercise program franchise (YES); "CBS Foods" shrimp-based burgers (NO); "Copa di Vino" a proprietary container for a single serving of wine by the glass (NO); Update on: Classroom Jams (Episode 102) Note: The creator of Copa di Vino would return to the tank in the future (Episode 311) to pitch his product again.

Mark Cuban appeared as a shark in several episodes this season; in season three he would become a regular.Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "The Last Lid" a universal garbage can lid (YES); "Ledge Pillow" a pillow for woman with large breasts (NO); "Talbott Teas" premium teas (YES); "M3 Girl Designs" a jewelry line for kids (YES); Update on: Lightfilm (Episode 205)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Five Minute Furniture" an easy-assembly furniture line (NO); "The Painted Pretzel" a candy pretzel business (YES); "Esso Watches" a wristwatch with alleged health benefits (NO); "Readerest Specsecure" a magnet that allows you to attach your glasses to your shirt so you won't lose them (YES); Update on: Man Candle (Episode 208)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Kisstixx" flavored mix-and-match lip balms (YES); "The Smart Baker" a line of home baking products (YES); "The Heat Helper" a laundry dryer heat-recycling device (NO); "Technology Enabled Clothing" clothing designed for portable electronics (NO); Update on: Daisy Cakes (Episode 207)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "The Original Profender" a basketball training device (NO); "Nardo's Natural" a line of skin care products (YES); "Rent-A-Grandma" a babysitting service staffed by older women (NO); "Litter" a line of body jewelry (YES); Update on: Pork Barrel BBQ (Episode 106)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Tower Paddle Boards" a paddle board company (YES); "Instant Lifts" clear adhesives that improve the look of sagging skin (NO); "Vinamor" a wine aerator (NO); "Miso Media" software for learning to play instruments (YES); Update on: Readerest (Episode 306) Note: Singer Ingrid Michaelson makes a cameo to demonstrate Miso Media.Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "The Ave Venice" customized shoe designs (NO); "Bark’em’s To Go" pet food packaged to-go (NO); "Brewer’s Cow" beer flavored ice cream (NO); "Go Go Gear" fashionable motorcycle and scooter protective riding apparel (YES); Update on: Ride-On Carry-On (Episode 204)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Blondies Cookies" a cookie business (NO); "View Sport" T-Shirts with designs that appear when in contact with water (NO); "The Sullivan Generator" a machine that produces natural energy from earth's rotation and gold as a by-product (NO); "Copa di Vino" the wine in a glass creator returns to pitch his product again (NO); Update on: Copa di Vino (Episode 201) Note: This episode is the first to show a past entrepreneur return to the tank (Copa di Vino, Episode 201).Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "The Clean Bottle" easy to clean water bottles (YES); "My Wonderful Life" a funeral planning service (NO); "Business Ghost" a ghost writing service (NO); "EZ VIP" a club reservation service (YES); Update on: Origaudio (Episode 207) Note: NBA star Bill Walton makes a cameo to pitch for Clean Bottle.Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "I Want To Draw A Cat For You" an online service that creates and delivers custom cat drawings (YES); "Salespreneur" a company that teaches how to become a good sales rep (NO); "Vegas Magic Show" a magic show act (NO); "Invis-A-Rack" a collapsable cargo rack for truck beds (NO); Update on: Citi Kitty (Episode 209)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Chord Buddy" a system for learning to play guitar (YES); "Liquid Money" a fragrance that smells like money (NO); "Tail Lightz" a blinking accessory for jeans (NO); "You Smell Soap" luxury soap (YES); Update on: CBS Foods (Episode 201)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "The Swilt" a sweater and quilt combination (NO); "Show No" a towel that provides coverage to change out of a swimsuit in public (YES); "Puppy Cake" a cake mix for dogs (NO); "Wine Balloon" a way to keep wine good for longer (YES); Update on: Notehall (Episode 108) Note: In a Shark Tank first, the creator of Show No was given a check immediately after agreeing to the deal, bypassing the usual due diligence process.

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